Why book direct?

When booking your stay it’s often much easier and quicker these days, when everyone wants everything done yesterday, to look up online who has availability and at the sort of price you are looking to pay. The vast majority of these searches take you to the site of one of the many booking agencies such as “Trivago” etc, who attempt to offer the cheapest price and allow you to book right away through them. But, and its a big “But”, did you know that a survey was done in the not to distant past, by a reporter on TV, who found that by simply ringing the Hotel, Guest House or B&B direct after checking online, they were able in over 75% of cases, to get a cheaper rate than that offered by the online booking agent. In some cases, saving as much as £300.00 on a single booking.

How can this be?

You may ask. How can this be?… Well, what the booking agencies don’t tell you is that they charge the Accommodation provider with whom you wish to stay up to 15% or more plus VAT of the tariff you are paying, which can be almost a 5th of your bill for staying. So if you take that little extra time to ring the Hotel or Guest House direct, not only will you be helping them with their expenses, but, in addition, in most cases they will be able to offer you a better rate from the savings you have allowed them to make.  This applies especially to Guest Houses and B&B’s whose running costs can be high and who rely on all the money made from a stay to be able to offer a consistent high standard of accommodation.

So, always remember;

Check online for availability, yes… but send an email or pick up the phone and go DIRECT, it could save you money.

Why not take the plunge and ring us DIRECT on….. 017687 74170 to discuss your options and experience a warm Cumbrian welcome first hand.   #leonardsfieldhouse.co.uk