New Fire Alarm System

Here at Leonard’s Field House its safety first. The safety of our guests is paramount, in addition to ensuring that you all have a great stay with us whilst on holiday in Keswick.  With this in mind, we have today completed the instillation of our new, state of the art, fire alarm system, thanks to the hard work and expertise of the lads from Beacon Fire Protection.

   The Search…

After much research, and many quotations on every system known to man. Contacting companies all across the country, we finally settled on the best system possible. This system meets all the very highest safety regulations and standards to date. After our extensive cross county search, it was supplied and fitted by a local expert company, based just 16 miles down the road, typical! But, having said that, all the research was well worth while. When making such a huge investment, not just financially, but in the safety of our guests and ourselves for that matter, then the many hours spent on the computer,  the phone and reading, are all justified.

The new system is brilliant. The control panel alone looks like it does everything except cook the breakfasts in a morning. The smoke detectors and sounders blend in well, whilst providing perfect protection. All fitted with very minimal affect to our much loved decor.

Under normal circumstances I would be willing and only to happy to pass on the full name and details of the system. But, every premises is different, with individual and unique requirement and besides, I would not wish to prevent anyone from experiencing the sheer joy of sifting through lots and lots of brochures, information and quotes. After all whats right for us may not be right for yourselves.

If this hasn’t been enough for any humble Guest House owners to contend with, then we have just completed a program of redecoration carried out over the winter period, full details of which will be in the next blog.

Well, have a great day everyone. I’m just off to familiarise myself with all the bells and whistles of the new system, or do I mean sirens? !